RO Ementors

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As part of the Realising Opportunities (RO) Programme students are supported by an ementor who is a current student at one of the RO universities. Ementoring covers a range of topics to help students gain important information about higher education and to support them in making their applications to university, underpinning the Programme’s core aims.

Every month our ementors cover a different topic area such as study skills, university research, UCAS, personal statements and student finance as well as answering any questions RO students may have about what it is like to study at a research intensive university.

Ementoring is conducted securely through an online platform hosted by Brightside, providing a safe environment for discussion to take place. All of our ementors are trained and hold full DBS checks. The ementoring platform also gives students access to a wealth of resources and activities to help them to make informed choices about their future as well as developing skills that will help them to be successful.

If you are currently a student at one of the RO universities and would be interested in becoming an ementor please contact the RO co-ordinator at your university. You will find their details on the Key Contacts page.


Previous Realising Opportunities Ementors

“I just found it so rewarding to see my mentees progress through the year. Seeing them ask more questions and watching their confidence grow was fantastic. I really loved it!”

Testimonial Zain
RO Ementor

Victoria was an ementor for Realising Opportunities from 2010-2013. She was an undergraduate at the University of Warwick and studied and integrated masters degree in Chemistry (Mchem). She is now studying a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry at the University of Manchester. This is what she had to say about here experience.

Why did you want to become an ementor?
“I remember how hard I found applying to university when I was in sixth form and I felt this was a great way to help ease that transition for others. I am also passionate about my course, my university and higher education in general and I wanted to pass this on while being informative and helpful for people.”

What’s so good about ementoring?
“I really enjoy being able to help people make informed decisions about their future and promote what I think is a really good opportunity.”

How have you benefited from being an ementor?
“I feel I have benefitted from ementoring in so many different ways it is hard to start putting it in to words. My written communication skills have improved so much since starting to be an ementor as well as the way that I think about things when communicating to others as well. It has enabled me to expand the different points of views that I have and enabled me to be more open minded about even the simplest of matters. I have also met a lot of amazing people.”

Testimonial Victoria