Zain Hameed

This year I have had the tremendous privilege of being an RO mentor for 7 very capable sixth form students.

Over the 10 month period I have engaged in countless hours of online conversations, tasks and activities such as Skills4Uni, all in order to provide advice and guidance to ensure each of my Mentees are coping well with their A levels, and as prepared as possible for the challenges of higher education.

A levels are an especially demanding time in every students life, so topics of focus ranged from revision techniques and time management, to those prepping them for university, such as applications, budgeting, student finance and accommodation.

What I particularly enjoyed were the use of set tasks and quizzes which I would go over together with my mentee. It provided an insight into their strengths, weakness and concerns in a creative manner, enabling them to open up to me regarding their life and progress, which may not have occurred as fluently otherwise.

What I loved the most was the ease by which the RO Brightside portal allowed me to be a constant, reassuring and helpful presence in their lives.
The portal was great to use, on computers and portable devices and also offered a huge bank of articles covering hundreds of topics, which I could use to further help answer their many concerns and queries.
I strived to make sure that any of their worries were dealt with, that no question was too big or too small to answer and that every conversation was productive and beneficial. I aimed to help resolve any problems they faced, whilst offering them the much needed support to enable them to excel and exceed their own expectations.
I myself have also learnt a great deal, and encourage everyone to take part in this fantastic opportunity, you will enjoy every minute!