Interested in taking part?


Realising Opportunities (RO) is an innovative national programme which supports the progression of talented students to leading research intensive universities. The RO Programme will develop your skills and provide you with support and information to help you make informed decisions about your future.

By taking part in the RO Programme you will benefit from the following:

Additional Consideration

  • All RO universities will give additional consideration to your UCAS application

Alternative offer

  • The majority of RO universities will give you an alternative offer worth up to two A level grades lower
  • Please refer to the Recognition Guide on the Resources page for more information about this.

Skills Development

  • You will develop a range of skills to help you with your current studies and for your future studies at university
  • You will undertake an independent piece of research as part of the Programme which will develop your skills in researching, planning, critical thinking, analysis and referencing

Advice for your future

  • You will gain an understanding of research intensive universities and have increased access to the RO universities including the opportunity to attend events and activities such as master classes and residential visits
  • You will receive support from a dedicated ementor who is a current student at one of the RO universities as well as access to a wide range of resources and activities on the ementoring site

Access to careers information

  • You will have access to professionals who will offer you career advice and information

To take part in the Realising Opportunities (RO) Programme you must meet our eligibility criteria. 

Applications to the RO Programme are made in the Autumn Term of Year 12.

Our targeting criteria for 2016 applications will be available soon.

Please keep checking this webpage for details.


The structured and interactive Realising Opportunities (RO) Programme will help you develop your academic skills, improve your awareness of higher education and knowledge of how to apply to university. It will also give you increased access to the RO universities through events and activities.

Local Launch
The Local Launch event provides an introduction to Realising Opportunities and the RO Programme of activities and events.

Each student is matched to a current student at one of the RO universities. Ementoring offers support, advice and guidance throughout the Programme.

National Student Conference
The event is attended by RO students from across the country. Students get to meet their ementor, attend skills based workshops and meet representatives from all the RO universities.

This online study module and test helps to develop key academic skills that will be useful in both A level work and at university.

Academic Element
The Academic Element demonstrates students have the ability to complete an independent piece of research. It is made up of either the EPQ or the RO Academic Assignment.

Events and Activites
Students have access to events and activities at all of the RO universities around the country as well as residential opportunities.

Access to Professions
RO provides lots of great ways to find out more about professions and career options from meeting employers at the National Student Conference to following a dedicated coaching programme online.

Student Testimonial

Overall I am very happy I have taken part in RO. In year 12 it is somewhat hard to fathom how much of an advantage extra consideration and lower offers gives you as an applicant until you reach the point of applying and I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to take part in this programme.

RO Student - 2013