RO Students

Welcome to the Realising Opportunities (RO) Programme

As an RO student you will benefit from increased information, advice and access to some of the country’s leading research intensive universities.
The structured and interactive programme will help you to develop your academic skills as well as learning new ones that will be useful for your current studies and for future study at university.
It will also improve your knowledge about how to apply to university and what the benefits of studying at a research intensive university are.


This will be held at you local RO University ( the one that recruited you) onto the Programme.

  • You will be told all about RO and what you have to do
  • You will be given your student information folder which contains your interactive Programme Guide
  • You will get the chance to meet other students who are also taking part in RO
  • You will have the opportunity to visit a university campus and to meet the staff who will be supporting you on the Programme.

Ementoring starts in February and lasts until you get your A level results in Year 13.

  • You will be matched to a current students from one of the RO universities who will guide you through monthly ementoring topics.
  • You will be given support in choosing your university and course, applying through UCAS, personal statement advice and information about student finance.
  • As a current university student, your ementor will be able to tell you all student life and what it is like to study at a research intensive university

You can access the ementoring portal here.

This is a national event attended by RO students from across the country and took place at the University of Leeds on Saturday 4 March 2017 and at the University of Warwick on Saturday 11 March 2017.

  • Students meet their ementor in person and get to know them better
    You can meet other students who are also taking part in RO
  • There are a variety of workshops designed to help you develop academic skills and gain more information about studying at a research intensive university
  • There is an exhibition and where you can meet representatives from all the RO universities. This gives you the opportunity to find out more information about specific universities
  • All travel arrangements and expenses for this event will be arranged for you and food is provided on the day.

    The presentations from the 2017 conferences can be found here

    This is an online study skills module which has been designed by the University of Birmingham.

    • It will help you to develop key skills that will support your current studies and the work you do for the academic element of the programme. They will also help you to be successful at a research intensive university.
    • The online module is accompanied by a multiple choice test which will be set by your ementor through the ementoring portal. This is a compulsory part of the programme and you must pass the test to pass RO. 
      You can access the skills4uni site here.

    The Academic Element will help you to develop key academic skills in analysis, research, problem solving, critical thinking and communication

    • You must complete a piece of independent research as part of the RO Programme to demonstrate that you have the ability to study at a research intensive university.
    • For this you will either take the EPQ if it is offered at your school/college or the RO Academic Assignment
    • The EPQ is delivered through your school/college and you can take it in either year 12 or year 13. You must achieve a grade C or above to pass the RO Programme. 
    • The Academic Assignment is delivered through your local RO university. You will be given an academic tutor at that university and they will support you in writing you research project.


    All the RO universities offer a range of activities and events that you can take part in including master classes, open days and residential visit

    • By attending events and activities at the RO universities you will gain academic skills as well as finding out more about what it would be like to study and live there.
    • As well as attending the Local Launch and National Student Conference, we recommend that you attend at least one additional event at one of the RO universities.

    To find out more about the events each of the RO universities offer please refer to the Events and Activities page.

    RO aims to give you enhanced access to information and advice about accessing different professions

    • National Student Conference: at the exhibition we have representatives from employee organisations to tell you more about their career opportunities.
    • Ask the Expert: each month we feature a new expert on the ementoring site who is a current professional working in a specific career. You can read their profile about their job and ask them questions about their career.

     Nuffield Foundation

    Realising Opportunities is pleased to be partnering with the Nuffield Foundation to promote their research placements. The Nuffield Foundation offer up to 1000 research placements a year for students to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. Students in the first year of a post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) course are eligible to apply. Placements are available across the UK, in universities, commercial companies, voluntary organisations and research institutions. To ensure that students are not excluded on a financial basis travel costs are covered and some students may also be eligible for a weekly bursary payment. Any Realising Opportunities year 12 student who is interested in making an application should visit the Nuffield Foundation website.

    Please note that application deadlines vary by region so a prompt enquiry would be advisable. Application deadlines can be found on the Nuffield Foundation website along with contact details for regional co-ordinators who are the first point of contact for application enquiries.